Energy Use

Using less energy is the cheapest way to reduce your carbon footprint and can save you some real money.
As a renter, you can encourage your landlord to install more energy-efficient appliances, but the best
opportunities to save money and energy are already at your fingertips! From simply turning off your electronic
devices to having more moonlit dinners, and yes, dialing down your thermostat, every little bit helps both the
environment and your wallet.

Three Easy Ways to Save Energy

Unplug it

Unplug It
Not using it? Turn it off! Unplug
appliances, including cell phone
and laptop chargers, when not
in use, as many still use energy
even when turned “off”.
Turn It Down
Turn It Down
Temperature control makes a big
difference. Dial it down in winter
and up in summer − every degree
can save up to 3% off your bill.
Ask your landlord about installing
a programmable thermostat.
Leave a note reminding you to
adjust your thermostat.
What, you don’t use compact
fluorescent lights? Don’t worry,
they’ll pay for themselves before
you move out! Recycling options
for CFLs at

Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse Gases
Our electricity is provided
by DTE Energy, and 78%
of it comes fro coal-fired
power plants, while only
1% is renewable. Burning
coal for electricity is a
major contributor to
greenhouse gas
emissions worldwide.
Natural Gas
Nearly every home and business in Ann Arbor
is heated with natural
gas. As an alternative
to natural gas, some
residents are installing
geothermal heat, which
uses natural warmth
from under the ground.
Solid Waste
Our trash generates
methane – twenty times
more potent than CO2 –
when it decomposes in
landfills. Fortunately,
most of this methane is
captured and used in Ann
Arbor to create electricity.
Most greenhouse gas
emissions from trans-
portation are the result of
single-occupant vehicles
burning fossil fuels such
as gasoline or diesel.

Renewable Energy

Buy green electricity. Sign up for DTE Energy’s Green
Currents program – – or visit the
U.S. Dept. of Energy’s Green Power Network website
for other options –
Burn Biodiesel
Have a diesel car? Burn biodiesel! Biodiesel requires
no modifications to your vehicle. You can use a 20%
blend (called B20) all-year round and higher percentages
(B50 or B100) in the summer.
Don’t Forget Ethanol
E10 (10% ethanol) can be used in any gasoline vehicle
with no modifications. But if you’ve got the cash, buy a
flex-fuel vehicle so you can run E85 (85% ethanol).
(Progress is being made to produce ethanol from non-
food crops like waste-wood.)
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