Local Food


Shopping at your local Farmer's Market supports your
local community. Support Ann Arbor by dropping by the
Ann Arbor Farmer's Market at 315 Detroit St. in Kerrytown

Meet Your Farmers

Meet Your Farmers
By shopping at a Farmers Market
you meet your local farmers. The
Ann Arbor Farmers Market is open
year round and meets twice a week
in Kerrytown, a2gov.org/market.

Want to support local businesses?
Visit thinklocalfirst.net.

Food Miles
Food Miles
Take a look at where your food
comes from – it may be traveling
from California, Chile, or China!
In the U.S., produce, travels on
average nearly 1,500 miles between
where it was grown and your
refrigerator! Tell your grocery store
and favorite restaurants you want
to support local producers and encourage them to buy local
Join a CSA (community supported
agriculture) program or spend an
afternoon volunteering on a local
farm. Localharvest.org is a great
place to find the nearest farm.

Seasonal Foods Calendar

Seasonal Food Calendar

Where Does Your Food Come From?

Check to see where your food comes from before you buy it. Although Michigan produces a lot
of apples, 3/4 of our apples still come from the state of Washington. All of that food travel produces
carbon and hurts the environment. The closer you can buy to your home, the better. Take a look
at where Michigan's apples come from.
Where Michigan's Apples Come From

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Local

Views from Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market manager Molly Notarianni.
/   Locally grown food tastes better.
/   Local produce is better for you.
/   Local food preserves genetic diversity.
/   Local food is free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
/   Local food supports local families.
/   Local food builds community.
/   Local food builds community.
/   Local foods in season cost less.
/   Local foods in season cost less.
10  /  Local food is about the future.